o Spandhana


Spandhana is the activist core of the public forum providing the umbrella for the different aspects of our work, which have taken different yet specific organizational forms over the years. Our interventions include.

Reaching out to women in distress through offering emotional and legal support, direct intervention, facilitating negotiated settlements and providing shelter

Focused public campaigns on specific issues like dowry harassment and deaths, sex selective abortions, violence against women in prostitution, sexual harassment at work place etc.

Morchas, dharnas, sit outs and other forms of creative public action to mobilize public opinion on issues of public concern or to pressure authorities to take action in specific cases of injustice

Strengthening community support structures and women’s solidarity groups to prevent violence against women

Lobbying and advocacy on issues related to women’s human rights at the local, national and international levels

Providing resource and conducting gender training programmes for various educational and research institutions, police and other government functionaries as also other activists groups, apart from facilitating processes of reflections and critical thinking for volunteers and internees from different parts of the state, country and world

Using theatre, song, film, art and other creative media to infuse another aesthetic into our political expression

Redefining public and political spaces through initiatives like Courts of Women, Truth Commissions, and Nyaya Panchayats that redefine more rooted and relevant forms of justice for women even while making visible the broader context within which this violence is escalating.