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Home Nursing Training Program

Home nursing is nursing care which is provided in a home environment, rather than in a medical facility. It may include the elderly and younger adults with physical or mental disabilities.
Our team of professional nursing staff can assist you to recover at home following a recent hospital stay, convalescent care, old age, or a new diagnosis. Their expert knowledge includes acute and chronic disease management, including diabetes, heart failure, lung diseases, infections, cancer, post surgical recovery, or other conditions such as urinary, neurological, muscular ailments.

Spandhana provides a full continuum of care to meet the needs of each patient at each stage of treatment. Services at Spandhana are designed to encourage the least restrictive level of care that is clinically appropriate. Coordination with outside clinicians, social service agencies and patient families helps to ensure a smooth transition among levels of care, encouraging re-integration into community-based life. Crisis intervention and short-term acute inpatient care is available to stabilize individuals by providing the highest quality medical and psychiatric resources. Acute inpatient treatment is provided in many of the hospital's clinical programs.

Comprehensive residential treatment is available for those who do not require the intensity of medical, psychiatric and nursing services offered in inpatient care.