o Spandhana

Creche And Literacy Classes for the children

Our Creche Centres provide supervision and care of infants and young children during the daytime, particularly when their parents go for work. Our centres are meant for the poor women who go for daily labor for their living.

Our goal is to create a "home away from home" for these children, by providing them with the physical and mental necessities to give them a better chance of competing with the other children when they start going to school

Specific goals:for the children who attend our Creche Centres are presented below:

  • To provide healthy and nutritious food.
  • To educate and enlighten these children
  • To teach them about hygiene and cleanliness
  • To develop a positive attitude towards school
  • To help each child develop self confidence
  • To develop habits of initiation and persistence
  • To foster inner security and sense of order in the child
  • To assist each child in building a habit of concentration